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Hi, I'm Hazel Mcwall!
So good to have you here.  

With over 16 years of experience, Sapphire Medium & Psychic is owned and run by Hazel McWall, an experienced psychic and qualified Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) teacher based in Newry. I am also a member of the Spiritual National Union.

As a psychic medium, my goal is to help you connect with the spirit world and gain insights, guidance, and healing from those who have passed on. 

Throughout my life, I have always been drawn to the spiritual realm and the mysteries of the universe. Over time, I discovered that I had a natural ability to communicate with spirits and receive messages from them. With practice and training, I honed my psychic abilities and developed my skills as a medium. 


Mel L, Facebook

"Yesterday I had my reading with Hazel. It was very much needed and very relatable. The names of my family that have passed and had messages were spot on, even describing how they passed, it was utterly breath-taking. I understood who came through and the things that Hazel picked up on, plus timescales and personal circumstances. 

Clare D, Facebook

"After 5 minutes of being on the phone with Hazel it's just like being in front of her face-to-face. No need for Zoom or FaceTime as Hazel settles herself into the chair beside you over the phone. I hesitated at first when I read an article but I went ahead and it was money very well spent. Hazel tells it as it is and brings a real sense of calm.

Glad I didn’t let the barrier of a phone call stop me.

I’m still smiling to myself and thinking... that’s what she meant by that."

Megan O'B, Facebook

"I recently had a reading done by Hazel and I would definitely recommend her, she was able to tell things only those closest to me would know. My reading with Hazel was so different to any other reading I have had done before, as it was a lot more in-depth. I went to Hazel as I felt I needed a bit of guidance and she has most definitely given me that, thanks Hazel."







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If you would like to speak to me for more information, please call Sapphire Medium & Psychic on

07766 024616

Alternativly pop me a messgae below!

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