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Who is Sapphire?

Spirit World

When a person calls for a reading and the reading is the Mermaid Cards or Tarot Cards, I am very detailed about the Spirit World, depending on the person and if they choose to want the Spirit World presentRelatives and Friends that have passed over, will come forward with detailed information and I will also supply information on what the person looks like. Any personal details I receive from the Spirit I will give to the person who has come for the reading.I am a channel to the Spirit World. I don't give out false information and I am very detailed and accurate with my Readings

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

I am also a teacher of IET. I provide a treatment that will help solve different issues concerning the body - stress, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, panic attacks, etc. Each treatment lasts for 45 minutes.I believe that every person at some stage in their lives will seek answers to their questions. You will have nothing to loose, and everything to gain from my readings. Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)


Mermaid Cards

Mermaid cards are a quick insight into how you feel about yourself and your past, present and future, the initials of the person you are going to meet and indepth details of that special person.

Tarot Cards

Show what lies ahead within six weeks, three months, or six months. It shows your relationships, famility issues, health problems and, depending on what cards you choose, they will answer your most desired questions.

Angel Cards

Soulmate relationships, love and heartbreak, romance; future information with future events